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What to Expect

Here at The Table we do things a little differently. Here's what you can expect at one of our typical services.

Greeting time.jpg

Game Phase 1: Arrival


Our church meets at Old Pine Coffee Roasters after the coffee shop closes on Sunday nights. Our crew starts to gather and catch up with each other for a few minutes before the service starts. This is a great time to grab a free snack and cup of Old Pine coffee!

Game Phase 2: Music Time


Our music leader, Charles, grabs his guitar (and sometimes his daughter, as the picture suggests) and leads us in a time of singing. We don't have a projector displaying our song lyrics, but we do have a Discord channel where the lyrics are posted. If you can't figure out how to join our Discord don't hesitate to ask one of us for help.

Except Kaley, she has no idea how Discord fact, she has no idea how most technology works. Why did we put her in charge of editing the website? What am I doing? HELP?!?!?!

Ahem...anyway, sometimes we'll have handouts, which is nice. 

Drew preaching.jpg

Game Phase 3: Preachin' Time


During this time everyone grabs their Bible and refreshments and settles in at a table. Most Sundays our pastor, Drew Whitton, will deliver a short 20 minute sermon. In the future we will have a children's ministry available to you. Currently, our children's ministry is on pause. To learn more about our future Porch Kids ministry click here.

Game Phase 4: Small Group


During this time, we gather with the people at our table to dissect the message we've just heard. Each table is its own small group, and each small group will have a leader to guide the discussion. Often times, the small group leader will guide the group to study the assigned passage of scripture using the SOAP method.

While everyone's voice is welcomed in these discussions no one is obligated to say anything. So, all you introverts, you're welcome to engage just by listening to the conversation. 

small group.jpg
game time 2.jpg

End Game Phase: Game Time!

7: 30   -   9pm

After small groups end, folks start breaking out their favorite board games. This is the time that our church family casually connects with each other via our shared love of gaming. We would love for you to stick around so we can get to know you better! We've seen God use this time to develop deep friendships, and that's just pretty sweet. 

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