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Pastor Drew

Drew Whitton is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband to Kaley Whitton, graphic designer, web manager, aspiring board game designer, Bible nerd, and of course pastor of The Table Church. He's mostly known for being a super passionate guy who loves learning about theology. He's also known for horrible dad jokes, but we try not to hold that against him... 

Drew's Story

I was very blessed to be born into a godly family. At the early age of seven I began asking my parents questions about God and salvation; this ultimately led to me accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since then, God has led my wife and I, and our two cats, to Northwest Arkansas. We quickly began to connect with local churches, and we found some amazing church bodies; still, we never felt like we quite fit in. Since being here God has connected me with Clinton Morris, and we both saw a need for a different type of church, a church that was welcoming to nerds. Over the course of investing in this church plant, God laid on my heart to surrender to the serving role of Lead Pastor of The Table Church. Our church officially organized on June 25, 2023. We hope to be a place of refuge for other Bible and boardgame nerds out there. You are welcome at The Table. We saved a seat for you.

Catch-up Mechanics

I'd love to catch up with you over a cup of coffee!

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