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Who's Sitting At The Table?

A bunch of weirdos who love God and boardgames

We are a church that has formed over our mutual love for Jesus Christ and boardgames. Everyone pictured here in this super unprofessional and blurry photo understands how important community is. We all long for a community where we feel accepted no matter:

Who we are

Where we've been

What we look like

(How poorly we are at editing a website)


What we have or do not have.

The church has not always done a good job of creating this type of community for nerds like us, but we hope to change that here at The Table.

We want you to know that you, too, are welcome at our table.

We aren't worried about your stage of life, your economic means, your ethnicity, your background, or your really embarrassing website designing skills. All of us here at The Table are a work in progress, following a God who has created us, loves us, and wants to help each of us find out who He created us to be.

We hope to see you at The Table. We saved a seat for you. 



Meet Our Meeples

What is a Meeple? A Meeple is a small human-like token used in board games to represent a player's pieces.
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