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Porch Kids

Where children learn about God.

What is Porch Kids?

Porch Kids is the name of our children's ministry. Currently, Porch Kids is on pause. Because we are a new church we are still in the process of figuring out the structure of our children's ministry, but we hope that doesn't stop you from checking us out. There is a small carpeted section of the coffee shop where we meet that contains toys, books, and games for children. Guardians are able to engage with their children in this section while also being close enough to listen to the message. 

We want you to know that here at The Table children are welcome in the main service. We know that sometimes parents feel embarrassed when their children are noisy during the service, or that they may be too distracting to others. This is NOT how The Table views children. We love seeing children worship alongside their families. It is our belief that a healthy church includes noisy babies.


We also understand that sometimes, parents, you need the help of a children's ministry to care for your children while you attend the main service. In the future we would love to have that option available to you. In the meantime, we hope The Table is a place where the whole family feels welcomed. 

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